Successfull Move To AdJuggler Adserving Solution

Jul 2, 2010 in News

We are glad to inform you that we have successfully moved to a new adserving solution designed by AdJuggler, a global leader in digital advertisement service and management.

AdJuggler Advantages

AdJuggler offers the industry’s most accurate and reliable geo-location services as well as IP Intelligence that allows perfect audience segmentation capabilities and targeting based on parameters such as: Country, Region/State, City, DMA&Zip code, Category, Keyword, Cookie, OS/Browser, Domain etc..

New Ad Network’s Capacity

As a result of this, Fidelity Media now provides successful optimizations of online advertising campaigns including CPM, CPC, CPA/CPL. Aimed at excluding low-quality traffic, eliminating click-fraud, improving conversion rates and improving a campaign’s performance, Fidelity Media uses such features as Click Forensics’s score, URL filtering and double-click prevention.

We are convinced that new improvements will make our relationship with you more efficient, reliable and successful. Enjoy the brand new advantages of working with Fidelity Media!