Join Rapidly Growing and Expanding Ad Network

Aug 27, 2010 in News

Over 60 new websites have successfully joined the Fidelity Media Brand Safe Remnant Traffic Network due to our new business approach being introduced this month. This means much more qualitative inventory has become available for your advertising needs at very attractive rates.

The total monthly traffic increased 126%, and we are confident that this is only the beginning.

The prominent users locations are US, UK, Canada and Europe. The inventory has been significantly extended across the following categories: Entertainment, Games, Technology, Business, Travel.

Extended Ad Inventory

Here are some samples of new websites for your review:

Web Publisher

  • Alexa rank: 13 059
  • Category: Technology
  • Monthly people:
  • US: 255,5k
  • UK: 60k
  • CA: 46,5k
  • Male: 72%
  • Female: 28%
Network's Publisher

  • Alexa rank: 42 858
  • Category: Sports
  • Monthly people:
  • US: 85k
  • UK: 2,5k
  • CA: 5k
  • Male: 55%
  • Female: 45%
Network's Website

  • Alexa rank: 5 653
  • Category: Games
  • Monthly people:
  • US: 1 689k
  • UK: 82k
  • CA: 70k
  • Male: 46%
  • Female: 54%

We do believe you would be interested in taking advantage of our new opportunities.