Exchange Media Program (EMP) Pilot Testing

Apr 15, 2011 in News

We are happy to share a good news regarding important modification at Fidelity Media ad serving solution. It concerns an Exchange Media Program (EMP) launched in the beginning of April by our ad serving provider AdJuggler, Inc.


This program extends the ad serving platform that enables publishers and networks to optimize unsold inventory by accessing more than 30 audience-based and real-time bidding (RTB) campaign sources.

Fidelity Media has performed as one of several participants at EMP pilot testing during the first quarter of 2011. Our network has been extending the reach of leading Fortune 100 technology and consumer brands. Some of the active network publishers (over 250 websites) took part in the test and provided the delivery of more than 300 million monthly impressions.

Increase in eCPM

CPM boost is among the most impressive results for EMP. Audience-based buys via EMP are improving CPMs for non-guaranteed inventory by 56%-104%, depending upon the segment, while RTB sources, in particular, are out-performing traditional channel buys by nearly 40%.

Due to Fidelity Media is enrolling in EMP, our publishers can expect an increase in eCPM, higher fill rates and the access to more well-paid brand campaigns.

Review for Compliance with Our Acceptance Guidelines

At the same time we would report that owing to Fidelity Media will deal with higher amount of quality advertisers comparing with past activity period, we have to revise our publishers acceptance policy for guaranteeing the brand safe delivery. Consequently, each present-day publisher will be submitted to the re-examination procedure. General audit results will be available at Fidelity website and personal notifications will be sent.

Welcome to enjoy new opportunities at Fidelity Media!

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