Publishers Payment Audit: Request to Provide with Payment Details

Jul 15, 2011 in News

We would like to kindly inform you that our regular publisher’s payment audit has recently conducted. Any payment unclaimed within 6 months is deemed a write-off. It is our earnest request to all publishers to provide us with applicable payment details in sufficient time.

Please be sure to inform Publishers Department in case of any changes relating to PayPal accounts immediately. Our Finance Team always keeps their eye on all payouts to be executed on time. But it might be out of their hand when accurate PayPal, AlertPay or Wire details are not provided.

Payment Terms

Here is a brief summary of payment terms at Fidelity Media:

  • We use PayPal, AlertPay and Wire transfer methods;
  • There are no minimum limits for payouts depending on method (PayPal – $0.01, AlertPay – $2.00, Wire – $500.00);
  • Our payment terms are net 30: payment for the relevant portion of the campaign is due within 30 business days from the end of each calendar month in which the campaign has been run. For example, if you started working with Fidelity Media in July you should receive your payment for the July activity in the first business week of September.

Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask at