Increased Rates and Additional Bonuses for Publishers

Oct 20, 2011 in News

Fidelity Media – one of the leading Traffic Publisher Networks – announces about Floor Rate Increase by % 20. The traffic team have tracked recent advertising campaigns within the network. Due to the good results Fidelity Media team is happy to announce that the floor rate is set as $0.12 CPM on average.

The Ad Network intends to encourage its best players by special bonuses! Each publisher’s traffic growth will be monitored during Q4. The ones who will increase monthly traffic could get an additional bonus of 5% to the earnings in the relevant month. Please note: bonuses apply only to the growing traffic from UK, US, AU and European countries. New publishers are welcome as well – in this case an increase will definitely be shown.

The traffic audit has been started in October 2011 and will be conducted on a monthly basis until the 31st December, 2011.

Fidelity Media Brand Safe Traffic Network: Introduction

Fidelity Media Advertising Network is a dynamic young company rapidly establishing itself as a major player in the world of traffic advertising. Established in 2007, today it partners with hundreds of successful websites, uniting them in its advertising network and providing high quality branded advertisements to these trusted publishers. Whilst Fidelity Media doesn’t demand exclusivity over each site’s traffic, many website publishers are so satisfied with their extremely profitable partnership that they choose not to look elsewhere and allow Fidelity Media to manage their entire web traffic monetization.

Brand Safe Policies

In so doing Fidelity Media takes great care of its advertisers. Brand Safe policies mean that every partner site within the network has been handpicked, assessed and approved for carrying our adverts and is continually monitored to ensure it maintains expected level of content safety and quality. As such Fidelity Media can guarantee to advertisers that their brands will never be displayed on websites with inappropriate content. In addition, Fidelity Media has direct relationships with all its partner sites and will never use exchange networks that could compromise brand safe guarantee.

Fidelity Media specializes in the monetization of Remnant Traffic – the portions of a website’s inventory that have remained unsold.

This approach is favorable for advertisers who gain significantly cheaper rates. Their ads appear directly after ‘top banner’ position on a site’s homepage. The most efficient sites generate a high performance from well implemented traffic advertising.

The Launch of Self Serve Ad Platform

In August 2011, Fidelity Media Ad Network has launched McTraffics Self Serve Ad Platform that is mostly helpful to small and medium sized online businesses. With optimal budget traffic packages offered at McTraffics, everyone can start a banner advertising campaign with just a few clicks. All the customer needs to do is to choose an ad package, download a HTML code or an image, pay for the campaign – and its delivery begins.

Where Fidelity Media really differs from its competitors is the ability to provide clients with a constantly growing portfolio of trusted sites and placement alternatives. Fidelity Media Advertising Network was set up specifically to manage traffic so its team’s knowledge of this area is second to none. This combined with a flexible approach to building campaigns and fast and efficient reporting tools makes Fidelity Media the essential option for an advertising campaign launch.