McTraffics’ Performance Review

Feb 10, 2012 in News

We would like to present some actual reviews of McTraffics’ Self Serve Advertising Platform performance.

Since starting the service, we had launched more than 140 display advertising campaigns.

Popular Advertisers’ Buys

Below you can find a breakdown of most popular advertisers’ buys at McTraffics’ platform for last months:
International (including DE, ES, IT, AU, NL etc.) package – 18%
United Kingdom package – 20%
United States package – 62%

US packages are in good demand for advertisers. About 20% of clients had returned for re-buy.

Maximum CTR

A study of the past performance highlighted 0,70% click-through rate (CTR) on the average for those campaigns. Maximum CTR achieved is 1.36%, while the minimum rate reached 0.05%. Please notice the rate mostly depends on a banner creative and specificity of an advertising proposal.

Future Plans

What are our plans for the future? We will continue to provide small and medium-sized businesses with advanced online advertising opportunities. In the short run we intent to introduce new functions such as buying multiple packages, user interface development and more. We are going to expand the range of packages targeted by channel such as Sport, Entertainment, Automotive, Education, Business&Finance or Travel. Also, a package for video ad creatives will be available soon.

Stay tuned with McTraffics’ news and updates.