Ad Network Keeps Recruiting New Publishers

Apr 12, 2012 in News

We are continuously recruiting new publishers at Fidelity Media Ad Network. In this regards we would like to provide some specific information how you could join Fidelity Media and start a successful cooperation.

Website Traffic Requirements

  • ┬áMinimum 25% site traffic coming mostly from US, UK, CA, AU and European countries or pass such volume to Fidelity Media network using own ad serving solution (ex. OpenX free adserver)
  • Unique and frequently updated content
  • Content written in English or in one of Major European languages (English, German,French, Spanish).

Website Content Requirements

Fidelity Media prohibits ads from displaying on sites with the following content:

  • Any pornographic material, adult material, or mature content including thinly censored nudity.Due to the risk of adult content, we do not allow image hosts or free web hosting services.
  • Websites made for the sole purpose of clicking on advertisements such as scraper sites.
  • User submitted content that is not moderated.

More information is available at Accceptance Guidelines website section.

Ad Network’s Advantages

  • Attractive eCPM and high fill rate for US, UK, AU, CA, EU traffic depending on website performance. The floor CPM rate is currently increased by 20%.
  • There is no minimum limit for payouts: even if your monthly earnings are only $1, you will receive your payment on time in any case.

Recently joined sites:,, and others.

If your website fits these parameters, please feel free to join our network here Sign Up. We are always open to a partnership with new publishers.