The Results of Publishers Activity Audit

Oct 5, 2012 in News

Based on results of Q3 publishers activity audit Fidelity Media’s Publisher Team takes an advantage of the moment to grant effective and loyal publishers with increased eCPMs and earnings.

Key Review Metrics

During the audit process we paid attention to some factors:

  • website performance,
  • traffic volume delivered,
  • geo breakdown of the delivered traffic,
  • Above The Fold placements,
  • compliance with our terms and conditions,
  • long term partnership.

Ways to Maximize Revenue

Publishers which correspond the metrics described will see the growth of their eCPMs and revenue shortly. Rates will stay the same for all the other partners who unfortunately do not satisfy one or more metrics above, but we would suggest to make efforts and take your account to the next revenue level by:

  • increasing your traffic volume for US, UK, CA, AU, European countries,
  • placing Fidelity Media banners Above The Fold only,
  • running only one Fidelity Media’s ad tag per ad size per page,
  • serving our tags with a freq cap no higher than 10/24 ,
  • following our Terms and Conditions in good faith.

For all new partners recently joined Fidelity Media Brand Safe Network that satisfy our Terms and Conditions and all new publishers who is only looking into opportunity to become a part of our network we will consider welcome bonus terms with increased CPMs and fill rates of your traffic.

We would also kindly remind about our active Referral Program and welcome you to take part in it to increase your earnings with each new referral publisher. Please visit our site and learn more about the advantages of the Referral Program.