New Reporting Interface

May 24, 2013 in News

We would like to announce a major update in our reporting interface. From now on you can get your reporting data by utilizing a new awesome dashboard.

It is available at: directly from the Fidelity Media official website through the ‘account login’ page using your previous login data.


Please note, the new ‘Publisher’s Home’ contains records starting this May only – current month to date statistics numbers. If you wish to pull a report for any previous activity (January-April 2013) please visit your account at the old URL address: We’ll keep both systems live until all payments for April 2013 are processed. The old interface will be closed after that.

Please take our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

We also would like to update you on novelties in payment procedures.

As per hundreds of publishers’ requests, we are changing our policy concerning Publishers’ minimum payout. The new minimum PayPal payout is set at USD 5.00 starting next billing cycle. Minimums for Check and Wire payments remain the same.
All of Fidelity Media’s policy updates are available on our website.

Fidelity Media demand, May 2013

To be familiarized with our current global performance in online display advertising, please review the below chart describing Fidelity Media’s top monetizing markets, May 2013.

top geo 5

Country Monetized impressions
USA 46%
Canada 13%
UK 11%
Australia 9%
Germany 5%
France 5%
Russia 4%
Italy 2%
Poland 2%
Spain 2%

On a side note, please take a look at the average CPM rate distribution on our top countries.

Country eCPM
USA $0.23
UK $0.35
Australia $0.24
Canada $0.17
Germany $0.26

In this regard we would highly appreciate your assistance by boosting traffic for the above mentioned markets to increase your revenue next month.

If you have any questions or comments please contact us at