How To Boost Your Website Revenue

Jun 28, 2013 in News

Increasing your website revenue is a hard work that requires much time and patience. Below are some short tips to expand your advertising strategy that we hope will be helpful for our publishers.

Pay attention to SEO

It is essential for increasing your website ranking.
Use word trackers to find keywords relevant to your website content.
Use SEO plugins to optimize your content and adjust keywords density in your posts/articles.

Consider a site redesign

A site redesign can be very beneficial for many reasons. While it can be a great way to house new ad formats, it is also an opportunity to increase visibility, and make your website more appealing to your readers. Also think if the colors of your website compliment the adverts.
Adverts should fit in with the style of your website – people are more likely to trust and click adverts if they match your content.

Use Default Tags

Default tags allow you to get all the unsold impressions back and monetize through another network, thus you won’t lose your revenue.

Explore three size ad units

Make sure each of them is called just once per page and above the fold.

Avoid overloading your website with ads

If there are too many of them and not enough content, the user will definitely leave and never return. Allow at least 70% of the screen for the content.

Do not overuse pop ups

They’re annoying especially when opening plenty of new windows and will also make visitors go away. Also do not use pop ups that are difficult or impossible to close.

Attract more visitors from US, CA, AU and Europe

Thus you will increase traffic from these demanded geos and get higher rates.

Use YouTube

Put unique videos related to your website content on YouTube and link them to your site by putting your keywords in the title, description and tags. Place your website URL at the beginning of the video description. Place your keywords as captions in your video. Put your URL on a text page at the end of your video.

Use Non standard ad sizes

They will increase your revenue by means of variation banner sizes upon current demand. For example, you may use “Promo Sizes” feature which can lift up revenue by opening up to different sizes on demand. More about Promo Sizes you can find at our website or by reaching out your account manager.

Use video ads

Adding video ads to your website can create a brand new income stream. You don’t have to remove any of your existing ads, just try a new video ad zone.

If you consider all the above tips and will properly follow them, the result won’t be slow to arrive and your website will turn to a good revenue source for you!