Tips To Increase Your Website Traffic

Jul 5, 2013 in News

We would like to share some most popular and effective tips for websites free promotion that we hope will help to increase your website popularity even more.

Focus on the content

Fill your site with interesting and unique content and be sure to post regularly. Pay attention to titles – they must be informative and eye-catching.

Make your content relevant to certain events. If there’s something big going on in the world see how you can relate to it in your posts. It’s a good way to appear in search results.

Pay attention to keywords in your posts

Include keyword/phrase in the title, in the first sentence and let it appear at least twice more around the post. Utilizing keywords properly in your content will lead people to your website straight from search engines.

Use e-zines

Write unique articles relevant to your site content and submit them to e-zines providing your site link as a source.

Use forums

Reply to other people’s questions, put your questions and post appropriate information. Include your website URL in signature file at the end of all your postings.

Do not underestimate the importance of social networks in increasing your site popularity. Let people know about your site via Facebook, StumbleUpon, Twitter, Triberr, GooglePlus, Reddit and LinkedIn. These are main social networks your site must take part in to draw visitors’ attention.

Comment other blogs/sites

Make your comments work for you. Comment other blogs/sites of similar niche or relevant providing a link to your website. They shouldn’t be advertising comments, be informative and keep to the main idea of the post/article you’re commenting on. Thus you will get new visitors and increase number of backlinks.

Illustrate your site

Text is surely important, but images and photos are great captivating trick. Nice quality pics are essential for grabbing “followers” on social media sites which certainly influences traffic growth.

Consider these tips for your site promotion and it will improve your source quality and increase number of visitors thus raising your revenue from Fidelity Media ads.