Advantages of Using Promo Size Feature for Traffic Monetization

Jul 12, 2013 in News

A couple of weeks ago we introduced Promo Sizes Feature which is a new additional way to lift up publishers revenue by opening up two different ad sizes on demand.

Today we would like to share with you the first results showing advantages of using Promo Size feature for traffic monetization.


Graph. Promo ad size eCPM helps to increase average publisher’s eCPM

The blue rectangle shows the current average level of eCPM for standard display sizes. You can increase your earnings by adding Promo Sizes feature (the green rectangle demonstrates the average eCPM for promo ad sizes).

The definite advantage of promo formats they offer advertisers a larger space for their ad creatives. Thus when you choose these formats for your website together with the standard ones, advertising campaign becomes favourable for run, engaging and compelling, which is obviously beneficial for you and the advertiser.

Sometimes there might be a case when you have some layout restrictions. In this instance you can always adjust promo ad sizes banners accordingly. For example, not to use 300х600 size if it doesn’t comply with your website design. At the same time you can use mobile specific sizes 300×50 & 320×50 together with 728×90 & 468×60.

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