What Passback Tags Are and Why We Recommend To Use Them

Aug 2, 2013 in News

We receive questions about passback tags from our publishers. Therefore, today we suggest to expand on this topic to let you know about the importance of these tags and to demonstrate how to manage them with Fidelity Media’s new reporting interface.

What passback tags are

If you work with several ad networks, for example – Google AdSense and Fidelity Media, but you have only one place for banner on your website, for example – leaderboard (728×90) on top of all your pages, you may consider usage of “passback tag” option.
Suppose you want Fidelity Media banners to be shown first on your website and therefore put our HTML codes (ad tags). Now Google AdSense ad tags become “passback tags” from your point of view. You may add those tags into appropriate place of our UI and then Google AdSense ad tags will be displayed for particular countries which Fidelity Media doesn’t currently have campaign for.

Why it is important to provide passback tags

If Fidelity Media does not have a campaign for particular country for the moment, the system returns unsold impressions which surely should not be lost. We can pass these impressions back to you via the passback tags you provided. Then you can monetize these impressions with another advertising network.

How to provide passback tags

Publishers can upload passback tags directly in their Fidelity Media accounts. To do that, please login at http://stats.fidelity-media.com , go to PassBack Tags section of your account, name passback code of a particular size, paste the code in the box (please see the screenshot below) and press Submit button.
After the submission, passback tags are being reviewed and approved by our tech team within 24 business hours.



If you have several websites in your Fidelity Media account, you can provide single passback tags set for all the sites.

How to manage passback tags

You can remove your passback tags, put them on hold or replace with new ones upon your need. All the changes can be done within your Fidelity Media account (please see the screenshot below).
Every change you make is also reviewed and approved by our tech team within 24 business hours.


Malware and blacklisted domains in passback tags

You should be careful with HTML codes you provide as your passback tags.
Sometimes our ad serving platform detects malware and blacklisted domains in passback tags submitted by our publishers. In this case publishers are promptly notified by a personal manager with the insistent request to replace the passback tags as soon as possible.

After all we highly recommend current publishers who are not using the passback option yet and all newcomers to upload passback tags to monetize inventory the most effective and progressive way.

New publishers are always welcome to register at Fidelity Media.