How To Avoid Invalid Traffic

Aug 9, 2013 in News

Today we would like to touch on the theme of invalid traffic which some of our publishers have been trying to deliver to Fidelity Media hoping to get easy money.

What we consider Invalid traffic

Invalid traffic implies deliberately fraudulent traffic as well as initiated clicks and other mechanically generated traffic that may result in valuable site visits and conversions. Usually it is done by redirecting traffic to artificially imitate ad impressions, visits, or other actions that drive monetization.

To drive more users, remember about Terms and Conditions

Publishers should certainly promote their sites in any manner they consider to be effective and look for new ways to increase the volume of visits.

However, if you decide to collaborate with a third-party service to increase your site traffic, you should carefully monitor your reports keeping in mind a known fact that some of these services send fake traffic to websites and often generate clicks and impressions with the help of click bots.

Considering this, we strongly recommend our publishers to take special precautions when/if choosing such means of traffic increase and remember about Terms and Conditions which you accept and agree to follow when joining Fidelity Media ad network.
Invalid traffic is being monitored and detected.

Invalid practices might destroy your reputation as publisher

Invalid traffic is detrimental to the entire online advertising industry. Those who choose this way of making profit might experience short time benefits, such as ability to claim a higher audience to advertisers. However, they need to understand that invalid practices are being actively identified and might destroy their reputation as publishers.

We, for our part, steadily monitor traffic being received from our publishers. In case the potential source of invalid traffic is being determined we promptly notify a particular publisher together with request for additional details necessary to settle the matter.

Fidelity Media would like to urge active and potential publishers to keep to full transparency realizing obvious disadvantages of dealing with invalid traffic for both publishers and advertisers. We hope and look forward to long term, fair and mutually beneficial partnership.

New publishers are always welcome to register at Fidelity Media.