Mobile Gathering Steam: Deliver Mobile Traffic to the System

Aug 16, 2013 in News

We are pleased to announce opening Fidelity Media Mobile Ads and invite you to participate and deliver mobile traffic to the system. Use this opportunity and get additional revenue with your mobile inventory.

Today more and more people prefer mobile devices to their desktop computers. Due to that great popularity, mobile traffic has been apparently gaining on desktop traffic.

The table shows forecasts from Coda on the number of US mobile Internet users and the percentage of mobile traffic coming from smartphones compared with feature phones. We can see that smartphones traffic goes well ahead of the feature phones traffic.


Considering this fact, Fidelity Media offers you this additional way to monetize your mobile inventory – iOS or Android smartphones and tablets. You are welcome to integrate our mobile ad codes together with standard ones.

We operate the following mobile banner formats:

  • 300×50,
  • 320×50,
  • 216×36.

If your website is mobile friendly and you’re ready to take the advantage of mobile traffic growth, please send your request to or contact your account manager directly to receive the mobile ad tags and give it a try. You can also run mobile ads via Promo Size tags that are available upon your request as well.

New publishers are always welcome to register at Fidelity Media.