The Most Important Traffic Monetization Questions and Answers

Oct 4, 2013 in News

Today we are answering three questions most frequently asked by our web publishers recently.

1. How can I increase my revenue with Fidelity Media?

The Fidelity Media’s average eCPMs have increased lately. So, simply the increase in traffic on your side will result in your revenues growth. But sometimes you can not do that if the majority of traffic goes to your other partner – with higher priority on your side but lower payouts. Please revise the priority level of Fidelity Media’s tags to get the most possible revenue from the platform.

You may use ad tags of other ad networks as passback tags as well for Fidelity Media not to lose the unsold impressions.

2. Which geos are the most demanded for the moment?

Generally our demanded geos are US, CA, AU and Europe. Currently we have strong increased demand on US and UK traffic. So if you target more visitors from these countries, your CPM rate will definitely increase as well as the total revenue.

3. If my website was declined, can I still take part in the Referral Program?

All websites submitted to Fidelity Media go through approval process. Sites that do not comply with our Publishers Acceptance Guidelines are declined.

Absolutely, if your website was declined, your personal account remains active to allow you to participate in Fidelity Media Referral Program. As soon as you receive your login details, you can get Referral Program link within your account and start passively earn additional money by referring new publishers to Fidelity Media.

You can also submit more sites using your personal account. They will be promptly reviewed and, when approved, you can start monetizing new websites through Fidelity Media network.

If you didn’t receive login details for your personal account within 24 business hours after registration, please contact us at