Advantages of Using Passback Tags

Oct 11, 2013 in News

The possibility of further monetization of unsold web inventory is a significant factor in site’s revenues formation. That is why it is so helpful to use passback tags  for publishers and so important for us to open up the subject.

If you work with several ad networks you may consider usage of passback tag option.

When you show Fidelity Media banners you put its HTML codes (ad tags). If Fidelity Media does not have a campaign for particular country for the moment, the system returns unsold impressions which surely should not be lost.

We can pass these impressions back to you via the passback tags you provided. Then you can monetize these impressions with another advertising network. You may add those tags into appropriate place of our UI and then passback ad tags will be displayed for particular countries which Fidelity Media doesn’t currently have campaign for.

We would also like to draw your attention to passback tags quality.  Sometimes our ad serving platform blocks publishers’ passback tags for the reason of being a source of malware or loading blacklisted domains.

Services to check domains quality

Please make sure you provide quality passback tags as it is really important for your website(s) monetization.
You can use these links to double check domains quality:

If you have any questions about passback tags, do not hesitate to contact us at