Web Publisher Payment Process QA

Dec 13, 2013 in News

Today we’re answering frequently asked questions about publishers’ payment process.

What payment methods do you use?

Fidelity Media offers three payment methods: PayPal, Check and Wire Transfer. Choice of a payment method depends on the collected revenue and publisher’s preferences. There is USD 5.00 minimum for publisher payment through PayPal, USD 25.00 minimum for a Check and USD 500.00 minimum for a Wire transfer. We remind that Fidelity Media reserves the right to choose method of each payment on its sole and absolute discretion.

When are the payments issued?

Payments are issued 45 business days after the end of the month when revenue was generated.
To receive payments in due time, it’s important to provide Fidelity Media with payment details such as Payee Name, Mailing Address, Phone Number, Verified PayPal ID, Wire Details and keep this information in accurate and actual state.

How are my payments being calculated?

A publisher’s payment is calculated on Revenue Share basis and reported through online statistics interface. Payment rates can vary for each website and advertising campaign. Actual campaign rates depend on website quality and performance.

Delivery numbers and revenue, provided through the online reporting interface are not final and subject to the audit at the end of the month.

Where can I check my billings?

To find billing information, you should login to your Fidelity Media account and click “Billing” on the upper bar at the top-left corner.

If you have more questions about payment process, please forward them to publishers@fidelity-media.com or contact your account manager directly.