Monetization Options for App Developers

Jan 23, 2014 in News

Starting from January 2014, we invite you to successfully monetize mobile optimized websites and mobile applications. For the moment we work with the most popular mobile display format – 320×50 px. ad banners.

Fidelity Media mobile network uses the AppNexus technology solutions so the publishers are being integrated through JS ad tags or SDK (API integration coming soon). Technical support team is available for any assistance and will guide you through the integration process. You will be able to monitor your earnings through daily reports from our dashboard.

User’s manual, troubleshoot and best practice, iOS and Android Mobile SDKs are available on the AppNexus official site. You may download iOS and Android Mobile SDKs also from GitHub.

Note for SDK users and Applications Developers:

To show ads, you need a placement ID. This is numeric ID that represents a context in an application where ads can be shown. You will need to get a placement ID from your Fidelity Media representative in order to show ads with this SDK.

New publishers are always welcome to register at Fidelity Media.