Traffic Quality: Full Transparency Is Demanded

Apr 25, 2014 in News

Today we’d like to draw your attention to traffic quality as invalid traffic has increased around the web recently. Fidelity Media is urging active and potential publishers to keep full transparency.

Invalid traffic is detrimental to the entire online advertising industry. Those who choose this way of making profit might experience short time benefits, such as ability to claim a higher audience to advertisers. However, they need to understand that invalid practices are being actively identified and might destroy their reputation as publishers.

Invalid traffic implies deliberately fraudulent traffic as well as initiated clicks and other artificially generated traffic resulting in valuable site visits and conversions.

Fidelity Media, from its side, steadily monitors quality of traffic being received from its publishers.

In case the potential source of invalid traffic is being determined a particular publisher gets prompt notification together with the request for additional details necessary to settle the matter and remove such source. If the invalid traffic is the result of fraudulent activity, payments for this traffic are retained in the amount necessary to cover the costs caused by the violation. If the invalid  traffic caused by error, publisher should resolve the problem immediately and notify Fidelity Media ASAP.

Fidelity Media is urging active and potential publishers to keep full transparency realizing obvious disadvantages of dealing with invalid traffic for both publishers and advertisers. We hope and look forward to long term, fair and mutually beneficial partnership.

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