Ways to Increase Your Revenue

May 7, 2014 in News

There are several ways of traffic optimization to increase your website’s revenue.

Use Non Standard Ad Sizes

They will increase your revenue by means of variation banner sizes upon current demand. For example, you may use Promo Sizes feature which can lift up revenue by opening up to different sizes on demand. More about «Promo Sizes» you can find on our website or by reaching out your account manager.

Use Mobile Ads

Don’t stay away from setting up mobile tags on your site. Even in case you do not have mobile optimized version. Today more and more people prefer mobile devices to their desktop computers. Due to that great popularity, mobile traffic has been apparently gaining on desktop traffic.

If you’re ready to take the advantage of mobile traffic coming to your site from mobile devices, you are welcome to integrate mobile ad codes 300×50, 320×50, 216×36 together with standard ones to increase your income.

Use Passback Tags

Passback tags allow you to get all the unsold impressions back and monetize through another network, thus you won’t lose your revenue.

Explore Three Size Ad Units

Make sure each of them is placed just once per page and above the fold. Do not overload your website with ads, it makes your site valueless for large advertisers. No one will want their advertisement to be hidden among plenty of other ads.

Greet visitors from US, CA, AU and Europe

Thus you will increase traffic from these demanded geos and allow higher eCPM and fill rate.

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  • Denmark
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