Traffic Optimization Time

May 13, 2014 in News

This is to help you be aware and understand the better way how we optimize the inventory to provide larger earnings and fill rate and why we ask our valued partners to keep the tags live at least for a couple of weeks.

When a new publisher joins Fidelity Media and sets ad tags on the website, he/she often expects to see the immediate results. We fully endorse this desire! However, we must note that it takes a while to optimize traffic coming from a new website. The nature of optimization process is that this is not only a matter of human actions.

It begins when live traffic is being recognized by Fidelity Media’s ad server and associated with appropriate advertiser. To be included in the top tiered ad campaigns, the website should be approved by one or another advertiser and activated on their side. This usually takes about two weeks.

Meanwhile the inventory is being redistributed among the campaigns that do not require specific approval if the traffic was audited by Fidelity Media.

Therefore, we advise to keep our ad tags live on your site during this period to see respected eCPM and fill rate.

To properly monetize your inventory we recommend using full set of ad tags which includes promo size banners, mobile ads and pop-up. All these ad codes can be found in your personal account (Sites > Show Tags):


Sites Show Tags

If you have any questions about any of these ad formats, please contact us at

This week Countries on Demand

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  • Denmark
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