Fidelity Media Celebrates Its 7th Birthday!

Jul 1, 2014 in News

Fidelity Media is proud to announce its 7th Anniversary! During this time our company has held over 15 000 campaigns, built a publishers net of nearly 5 000 persons worldwide and increased its revenues in several times.

Back in 2007, Fidelity Media was founded by a team of 2 enthusiasts and has grown since that time to several departments offering a wide range of services and ad packages to give optimal solutions to digital media publishers, marketers, brands, agencies, and networks.

Fidelity Media Celebrates Its 7th Birthday

Why Fidelity Media

For advertisers

  • Our advertisers get access to over 1 000 high-quality websites through our network.
  • Brands have an opportunity to advertise their products by all existing banner formats,
  • Or run mobile campaign targeted by different devices and operating systems.
  • You are able to target your audience by range of channels: Art&Entertainment, Autos, Auctions, Beauty, Books, Business,  News, Computers & Electronics/ Internet, Education, Cooking, Food & Drink, Games, Lifestyles, Online Communities, Shopping, Sport, Travel, Family, Home, Real Estate, Technology, Women.
  • Inventory transparency is provided by channel, ID or domain level.
  • We offer self serve advertising solutions through McTraffics Self Serve Ad Platform for smaller budges.
  • With our team devoted to flexible, responsible and results driven approach.

For publishers

  • Friendly traffic requirements.
  • The most relevant and high quality banner ads.
  • Fidelity Media publishers get high fill rates and competitive eCPMs for website’s available advertising inventory.
  • On time payments are being executed in any case and regardless the third parties payments conditions.
  • You are able to monetize mobile optimized websites and mobile applications by SDK.
  • Publishers can get their unsold impressions back by using passback tags’ option.
  • Fidelity Media’s Referral Program allows making extra money and stays valid even for applicants whose site has been declined.

We’ve got an exciting year ahead and we continue to work hard developing new solutions and capabilities to meet our customers’ evolving needs.

Happy birthday, Fidelity Media!

We would like to take the time to thank all our publishers, advertisers, readers, followers, funs and supporters, who motivated us and provided helpful feedback to our work. We really appreciate your cooperation!

To celebrate our birthday we would like to offer you some presents. Just this July every our active publisher with growth of traffic volumes will get 7% bonus to month’s profit! Our celebrate bonus will be applied to your account automatically.

If you are not our publisher yet, it’s easy to fix that! New publishers are always welcome to register at Fidelity Media.

Advertisers! We setup a 17% discount for all ad packages of McTraffics Self Serve Ad Platform. The promotion is valid until Thursday, July 31st.

If you have any questions regarding the promotion, please write us via the site’s contact form or at email: