Traffic Demand Overview. Top Demanded Geos in August 2014

Sep 2, 2014 in News

Fidelity Media’s publishers have direct access to the vast variety of leading brands’ ad campaigns and are able to monetize their inventory by easy and efficient way.

Forecast of Top Monetizing Countries in September

This September ad campaigns, running by Fidelity Media, will be mostly focusing on the USA, Canada and European countries.

Geo Traffic On Demand

Increasing Traffic Volumes

Below you can see the chart, describing our top countries by performance in online display advertising and eCPM growth for the last 2 weeks.

eCPM growth

A Couple of Ad Campaigns We Served

This month Fidelity Media advertising network has been running more than 200 campaigns in Direct and RTB rotation. Review bellow some examples of banner ads that have been served on publishers’ inventory in August.

Example Example

In order to protect advertisers interests, we strictly monitor each website performance. To avoid any violation on fraudulent actions, please look through Terms and Conditions that you accept while signing up carefully.

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