Fidelity Media’s New Look – New Challenges

Sep 8, 2014 in News

New technologies, new opportunities, new partners and market demands called Fidelity Media to changes and innovations both internally and outwardly. Our ad network turns to supply side platform, innovate technologies used and general way of working. And of course, like any living organism, all the internal changes are reflected in the external appearance.

We’ve tried to make things easier to find, read and percept. The refreshed uncluttered design allows continuously scrolling pages focusing on the essential: managed compliance ad solutions for advertisers and effective traffic monetization options for publishers.

Every user has a quick access to our offerings, creativities specifications, acceptance guidelines, company news and more precise ways to contact us and join our network. Check out much improved “Advertisers” and “Publishers” areas to find all relevant information.

The service you trust with a fresh look! As in the past, we are with you to offer the best service possible. Our professional and helpful team is more responsive and available via site Contact Form, emails and pages at social media sites. Get ready to rediscover our brand!