Celebrate Bonus Program: Results and Perspectives

Sep 9, 2014 in News

We are pleased to announce that the Celebrate Bonus Program for publishers has been successfully completed. We thank every participant for respond to our bonus proposal and great inventory growth!

All publishers, that have been active in June-July and demonstrated increase of traffic volumes, got 7% bonus plus profit. Celebrate bonuses have been applied to hundreds of publishers’ accounts. At the moment you can check your value of bonus earned in your Dashboard, “Billing” section, August.

The summer promotion was dedicated to the seventh anniversary of Fidelity Media advertising network. Moving further, we plan to arrange bonus programs regularly. We’ll keep you posted about when the next one is scheduled.

We very much look forward to cooperating with you and wish every success in the future!


This Week Countries on Demand

For active and potential Fidelity Media’s publishers, on this week we have strong demand on the traffic from:

United States
United Kingdom
South Africa

So if you target more visitors from these countries you have an opportunity to increase your eCPM as well as the total ad revenue.