Payment Details for Payments on Time

Oct 2, 2014 in News

Publishers know, the world is changing, but Fidelity Media’s principles of on time payments are kept constant. Of course, if the care is taken to share with us all necessary payment details.

To become our publisher, you should complete the simple Registration Form on our website providing us Sites/Applications Information, Contact Information and, particularly, Billing Information.

There are following payment details should be provided:

  • Preferred Payment Method,
  • Minimum Payout,
  • PayPal ID,
  • Name On Check,
  • Name On Bank Account,
  • Bank Name,
  • Account Number or IBAN,
  • Routing/ABA/BIC/SWIFT Code.

Billing Information

Preferred Payment Method

Partners’ earnings are automatically calculated and guaranteed in full. Currently we use PayPal for amounts $5—$25, Cheque for amounts $25—$500 and Wire transfer for amounts over $500. Please note, our ad network may choose method of each payment.

Minimum Payout

Minimum limit for publisher’s payouts is $5.00, but you can specify any amount that fits you best.

PayPal ID

Generally speaking, PayPal ID is the email used to sign in to your PayPal account.

Name On Check

Here you should indicate your full name, on which the check should be issued. Moreover, we’ll send the check to the postal address specified in the Contact Information section of your account. Remember that filling in all fields accurately you create basic conditions to receive payments in due time.

Bank Wire Details

In order to make a wire transfer, we need to know such details, as your bank account name, bank name, account number or IBAN, Routing/ABA/BIC/SWIFT code.

Data mentioned above is quite important for the service handling, so please keep your contact and billing information in accurate and actual state. To make all necessary modifications, you can go to the Account section of your personal account.

Payment Details in Account

You can find more information about Fidelity Media’s Payment Terms on our Publisher FAQs and Terms and Conditions pages.

If you have any questions regarding your payments, please contact us at

This Week Countries on Demand

For active and potential Fidelity Media’s publishers, on this week we have strong demand on the traffic from following countries:

  • Sweden
  • United States
  • Australia
  • United Kingdom
  • Switzerland
  • Germany
  • Denmark
  • Singapore

So if your sources target more visitors from these countries you have an opportunity to increase your fill rates.