Important Note. ATF Ad Spots

Oct 7, 2014 in News

In order to promote publishers’ websites among its valued advertisers, Fidelity Media ad network kindly asks its publishers to provide the information about advertisements, located in ATF area (the top area of a webpage, that site visitors see without having to scroll down) of your website(s).

– Do you have ATF (Above The Fold) placement(s) area of your website(s)?
– Are the Fidelity Media tags implemented above the fold?
– Please send us a screenshot of the page with ATF placement(s) on your website(s).
– Please send us an URL of the page with our ads in ATF area on your website(s).

This information will help us to increase the demand for your website(s) by providing access to the advertisers, whose campaigns targeted to the ATF placements only.

Please note, we’re asking for the information about placement(s), which is(are) located in ATF area and related to Fidelity Media only.

Feel free to direct any questions to Publishers’ Team.