Site’s Acceptance Guidelines Update: Pre-Designed Ad Space Is Required

Oct 28, 2014 in News

Fidelity Media has revised its publisher acceptance guidelines regarding site’s acceptance requirements. The update applies to pre-designed ad space on site pages and required for every submitting website. Our advertising network protects advertisers and publishers, and revisions of Acceptance Guidelines enforce our brand safety principles.


Submitting website should have ad spaces for banners, standard IAB desktop or mobile sizes, where Fidelity Media’s ads supposed to be displayed. This is the first feature for the website to be audited further.

But sometimes it happens that an applying website has no specific places for ad modules. Thus, probably, there a lot of unfilled space which is supposed to be used for banners on this site, but still there isn’t any clearly defined placement for advertisements, what makes it hard to review it for compliance with our standards. This site is likely to be postponed for audit and approval on this stage. You should keep in mind, that the absence of pre-designed ad space often resulting in approval period increase or even website’s rejection.


Please take notice, when designating the website space for the ad unit, ATF ad spot placements often becomes critically important in your revenues strategy, as allow to attract sensitive clients and promote your property for their campaigns. You can read more about How To Place Banner Ads Properly To Boost CTR and Revenue in previous blog posts on our website.

Updated Site Requirements

We strongly recommend publishers looking to monetize their content with Fidelity Media, to make sure, that their websites have specific ad spaces to place our tags and meet the following Site Requirements:

  • Minimum 20% website traffic should come mostly from US, UK, CA, AU and European countries.
  • Publisher’s website should have an appropriate space on the webpage reserved for displaying banner ads. Your pre-designed ad space should be able to handle all script types.
  • Your website content should be unique and frequently updated.
  • Your website should contain a Privacy Policy and Contact Us pages.
  • Our supply partner’s website should have a professional design and be fully functional at all levels.

A complete list of our guidelines is available on the Acceptance Guidelines page on our official website and Fidelity Media Wiki.

For any questions regarding website ad space, please contact our Publishers’ Team.

This Week Countries on Demand

We are pleased to inform our active and potential publishers that on this week we have growth in demand for the traffic from following countries:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Sweden
  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Norway
  • Austria
  • Switzerland

So if your website/app targets more visitors from these countries, you have an opportunity to increase your fill rate and total ad revenue.