The Key Metrics to Get Your Site Accepted

Dec 2, 2014 in News

To become a publisher at Fidelity Media – display and mobile ad network – applying website has to go through audit process that verifies whether traffic details are reliable and fully compliant with terms and Acceptance Guidelines. Today we would like to provide a deeper insight on the key estimation steps and metrics Fidelity Media ad network applies.

1. Website design and content review.

To get the best website monetization, our ad network websites have a professional design and are fully functional at all levels. Websites’ content is unique and frequently updated. Besides, the significance of Privacy Policy and Contact Us pages is stressed, since they are considered to be an important part of website online reputation and business credibility for high paying network. Web page should contain ad space — ad banners or images, which will make it clear where publisher plans to display our advertisers’ ad campaigns to get better website monetization. To see all metrics, please check our Acceptance Guidelines.

In case something is missing and/or needs to be changed on the website or web page, we immediately contact site owner for further discussions as sincerely seeking after our cooperation increase and best traffic monetization.

Website Quality Estimation

2. Measuring traffic quality.

The next stage is an examination of applying website compliance with our traffic requirements, in particular, whether at least 20% of a website traffic comes from English-speaking and European countries and if monthly minimum volume of ad impressions accounts about 10,000.

3. Data verification.

As “pay on time” is one of our keystone principles, its crucial to verify contact information, payment data a publisher provided. This data should be stored in accuracy to ensure the payment cycles regularity and following scheduled payment terms.

All of this verifications above as well as our internal sites audit are essential for our ad network to ensure our supply partner’s reliability and provide higher monetization and fill rates for our partners.

Please take some time to re-check, if all above is being set up properly in your account with us. Please check as well if you use all monetization options we offer you – display, mobile, pop. In case you miss tags for some formats you wish to activate or restart, please contact us, we will send them over.

This Week Countries on Demand

We are pleased to inform our active and potential publishers that on this week we have growth in demand for the traffic from following countries:

  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • United States
  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Ireland
  • Switzerland

So if your website/app targets more visitors from these countries, you have an opportunity to increase your fill rate and total ad revenue.