5 Trends in Digital Advertising 2015 According to the Fidelity Media

Dec 10, 2014 in News

The end of the year is traditionally a forecasting season, when we take a step back, sum up the results and make plans on further development. We at Fidelity Media have been monitoring closely every decisive turning point, that online ad ecosystem faced in 2014.

Here’s a digest of 5 digital advertising trends of coming year, that we believe will dramatically change appoach for both advertisers and publishers and, therefore, should to be taken into account.

1. The new age of programmatic

Experts agree, in 2015, it will be all about programmatic that is going to change the future of digital advertising. The next year programmatic ad spend is expected to significantly increase. It is estimated that programmatic spend in mobile will grow to more than 50% of all programmatic display spend.

Programmatic direct, that yet is not a new phenomenon, will continue to mature, and more publishers will continue to make premium inventory available through programmatic platforms. New types of ad space buying will be developed, specifically, Automated Guaranteed model in which traditional “direct” are integrated with new “automated” programmatic methods.

Besides, a new so-called “Meta DSP” model of serving ads across multiple demand-side platforms through one point of contact will become increasingly popular, since brands want holistic targeting.

2. The sunrise of mobile video advertising

In 2015, brands and agencies will actively adapt new technologies and capitalize on new and emerging market opportunities like mobile video advertising, that allows to maximize TV ad impact. This digital ad segment continues to grow, due to high click-through rate of video ad format that, according to some insights, is about 1.84% level. Besides, mobile approach, marked 2014 year, will ensure providing personal experiences to consumers at a comparatively low costs.

3. Pre-targeting becoming the fashion

To be effective and competitive in 2015, an ad campaigns should to be highly targeted and displayed across all known online media platforms. New data-tracking tools, allowing brands to understand customer behavior, motivations and preferences, will be an essential part of common marketing strategy. In this respect, the pre-targeting approach will be especially popular among advertisers, struggling to display value and useful advertising only for potential customers.

4. New stage of digital ad format’s evolution

In 2015, new dynamic ad formats and a kind of media mixes with higher engagement rate will continue to emerge. Video as a better storytelling medium will appear in practically every advertisement, including mobile area.

5. Viewability and transparency by default

Ad buying based on the principles of viewability and transparency will become a quite widespread practice. As a display ad standard, viewability will allow brand marketers to improve performance of ad campaigns and enable premium publishers to valorize their inventory.

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