fmx SSP: know your traffic!

Oct 12, 2016 in News

Knowing and understanding your audience is crucial to any publisher’s success.
In our updated user interface we have added the tools for you to analyze what traffic is performing best on our platform.
Our detailed reports provide all the important metrics and dimensions, giving the power of data to your hands.
Using it you can easily see which size, geos or devices are providing the most revenue and adjust your supply accordingly. Should you have any questions or help how to optimize your account please don’t hesitate to contact our publishers support team.

This month fmx SSP runs more than 700 ad campaigns.
The top demanded markets showing fill rate 40% and higher in October 2016 are:

Please be aware we strictly monitor each website performance. To avoid any violation just look through Terms&Conditions that you accepted while signing up carefully.
If your website has been declined by any reason, your Fidelity Media account still remains active. You may use it for participation in our Referral Program OR/AND you may submit more websites in your account. New websites will be promptly reviewed and you will start monetizing your inventory through Fidelity Media immediately.
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