Prebid.js step by step installation guide

Mar 23, 2017 in News
  • 1. Choose your bidders
    You will need to decide what SSPs (Ad networks) will be competing for your ad spots. You will need an active account in the SSP that has a prebid.js adapter in order to send requests there. You can find the list of networks here: or here:

    2. Create (build) a prebid.js file with the chosen list of bidders
    You can do it using a manual on GitHub or just by choosing them from the list on the download page at

    3. Upload the prebid.js file on your website or other server

    4. Create a Prebid configuration
    You will need to define the bidders, ad spots and server timeout using the example from’s a relatively easy task for experienced web developers if you have no experience in this field we can create a configuration code for you based on your preferences.

    5. Insert the Prebid Config section into your website <head>
    You will need to paste the prebid config code into your website head template. It can be done by using CMS plugin or by editing the template code directly on server. You can refer to your website platform support manual to find how to edit header code. We are happy to point you in the right direction – feel free to ask.

    6. Test and adjust
    After everything is in place you can start testing by placing the ad units id’s on your pages. It might not work right perfectly right away, but prebid has very powerful debugging tools that will help you to resolve any issue. As always our support team is here to assist you.