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Dec 18, 2018 in News

Before the holidays our friends released several features and made some intelligent patterns for non-standard integrations.
Below what HeadBidder Say:

– Support for Lazy Loading pages. Just switch this feature on in the console. Available by-default for all users;
– Auto Refresh feature. Together with Lazy Load our users can now set ad units refreshing automatically when visible or by using a command;
– Reporting for requests and wins is broken by type of page refresh – a whole page or only ad unit refresh;
– Once created for site, integration settings with Google ad manager are editable now. Available for PRO users via HBM console;
– Our customers may now choose how to call our container script with or without ASYNC option;

Small case study for the dessert.

During the last two weeks, we’ve made integration with a customer who uses our container as a fallback solution after in-banner video ads haven’t been filled with paid video. The solution includes integration with Google Ad Manager and support of user’s AdX account. Now, if a video ad hasn’t been delivered in the player, our prebid container performs auction among prebid-driven SSPs, direct Google ad manager customers or Adx ads, which bid for impression thus providing highest price and fill rate.

Fidelity Media fmxSSP Publishers are always welcome to integrate with us using Header Bidding and we suggest to use the container solution from More details on their site, signup is here: