We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New 2019 Year!

Dec 31, 2018 in News

New 2013 Year Greeting Card

May 2019 be filled with achievements, record highs, success and bring you thousands of new opportunities. Looking back, the year 2018 has been very fruitful for Fidelity Media fmxSSP and its supply partners. In coming 2019 year we will continue to work hard, implementing new advertising solutions and platform’s services..

We are very grateful to our publishers, advertisers and partners for their close cooperation, enthusiasm, continued support and confidence.

Have a wonderful Holiday Season and a very Happy New Year!

Fidelity Media fmxSSP Holiday Schedule

Please note our schedule for this holiday season.

December 30th until January 9th – the office is closed.
January billing circle is delayed for one week and starts from January 10th.

You’ll be able to reach out to stuff-on-duty with an urgent request by email or alternatively, you may leave a message in the chat in your reporting interface.

Best regards,
Fidelity Media Team