Important Change in ADS.TXT!

Jun 5, 2019 in News

Dear Publisher,

Due to major industry change and due to the upcoming wide adoption of the sellers.json technology we ask you to take steps which helps to get prepared.
Our development team has built a framework on a backend which puts together ads.txt, sellers.json and oRTB specs. This change requires you to update Fidelity Media FMX ads.txt record on your websites. New FMX ads.txt is in your console already, you may take the new ads.txt string and paste into your ads.txt file instead of the previous one.
The biggest benefit for you now is that FMX ads.txt ID is now a common one for all your websites. You’ll not be required to add separate ID’s on your properties. It’s much easier to manage, isn’t it?
Again, step by step:
– enter into your FMX console (or drop us an email);
– copy new ads.txt;
– paste into ALL your ads.txt(s);
– paste the same ID into ads.txt of your new site once you’ve added it into FMX.

Important Change in ADS.TXT!
Please replace your line, __ID__, DIRECT with the new one, available in your GUI. Now it is common for all your sites.