Kubient Announces Acquisition of Fidelity Media FMX SSP

Oct 28, 2019 in News

Deal Adds SSP capabilities, header bidding and private marketplace reach to Kubient’s OpenRTB, End-to-End Audience Cloud marketplace.

New York – October 28, 2019 – Kubient, a full-stack digital audience marketing platform, announced today their acquisition of Fidelity Media, LLC (Fidelity), a programmatically driven supply-side (SSP) and publishers’ yield-optimization platform, enhancing Kubient’s ability to sell digital advertising inventory and expands Kubient’s supply-side marketplace offerings with direct publishers, display ad capabilities, and proprietary header bidding technology. The acquisition also enhances its video advertising reach by integrating Kubient’s existing video advertising capabilities into Fidelity’s platform. 

Through the acquisition, Fidelity’s fmxSSP platform will be integrated into Kubient’s Audience Cloud marketplace. This integration will allow Fidelity’s clients to reach, monetize and optimize their audience with even more flexibility and security through Kubient’s patent-pending AI-driven, pre-bid fraud prevention solution. It also expands Fidelity’s offerings to support video, digital out-of-home, and audio, and native ad formats.  This acquisition comes on the heels of Kubient’s launch of the first end-to-end open RTB DOOH offering.

About Kubient

Kubient is a technology company with a mission to transform the digital advertising industry. The companies Audience Cloud is a transparent open marketplace for advertisers and publishers to reach, optimize and connect their digital audiences. Kubient’s programmatic, transparent environment includes proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) powered technology that stops ad fraud in its tracks pre-bid, as opposed to measuring a portion of traffic for fraud or measuring fraud after the fact. In addition, Kubient’s audience-based marketing engine puts the consumer at the center of the value chain. Kubient is the solution for brands and publishers that demand transparency and the ability to reach audiences across all channels and ad formats.

About Fidelity Media, LLC

Fidelity Media is a programmatically driven supply-side and publishers’ yield-optimization platform that offers a wide range of first-class services for web publishers, app developers, direct websites, marketers, agencies, DSPs and trading desks. Fidelity Media provides publishers an opportunity to earn more revenue by successfully monetizing their display and mobile web inventory and to provide the best ROI by supplying demand partners programmatically with the most suitable audiences and ad formats.