History, Mission and Purposes

Fidelity Media is a managed brand safe advertising network. We strive to help businesses steadily grow by running profitable ad campaigns and monetizing high-quality websites.

Established in 2007, Fidelity Media has long-term experience on the online advertising market. For many years we successfully offer a wide range of first-class services for web publishers, app developers, direct websites, advertisers, marketers, brands and agencies. Moreover, we have special payment and revenue share terms for high trafficked websites, publisher networks, site aggregators.

In order to keep pace with the global advertising trends, our efforts are demand-driven. Thus we actively develop a mobile advertising services enabling advertisers to engage with consumers across all screens while giving mobile options for publishers to fill ad space inventory on mobile apps and mobile optimized websites. Besides every our publisher is able to take part in Referral and Loyalty Program and get a chance to earn additional revenue.

Fidelity Media network's advertisers have an opportunity to promote their brands on the relevant professional websites and reach specific real audience by precise advertising targeting. Our team is devoted to tailor your larger requests to meet and exceed your ad campaigns goals. Besides we offer cost-effective self serve advertising solutions for small and medium-sized businesses and internet entrepreneurs through McTraffics Self Serve Ad Platform.

Fidelity Media ad network deeply values every its publisher creating and improving essential conditions required to succeed. Our publishing partners can be assured that only ads of excellent quality are served on their inventory. As a result of traffic optimization techniques, our ad network's fill rates reach significantly high percentage. Moreover, we return unsold impressions back to publishers by passback tags option.