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Transparency & Advanced Targeting

Targeting options by transparency level (several levels availible), by channel, by country, by OS (Desktop or Mobile) and devices (PC, Tablet, Smartphone) are at our clients disposal.

Team of Professionals

We maintain direct relationships with our clients. You can always rely on our experienced, proactive and result driven team focused on your ad campaign goals.

Mobile Advertising

Promote your business on desktop, mobile sites and apps. Your ad messages will be seen across all screens by audience of millions around the world.

Need a custom solution, reach us out

Start a CPM display or mobile advertising campaign within a few hours and estimate the simplicity and traffic quality. Reach out to us, we are responsive.

Case studies

Our clients say

  • Our experience with Fidelity Media has been superb. In this fast and changing market it's important to have a partner who is quick to react and is very responsive. The guys at Fidelity respond very quickly and go above and beyond to help us reach the best results possible. I would definitely recommend them as a business partner and hope to grow our partnership with them!

    Tzachi Presler,
    Inviteads, July, 2014
  • We've been working closely to Anna for some time now, and it has been a pleasure. Fidelity has proven to us time and time again that they are true professionals and are focused in our success.
    The communication is fluent and immediate, the media is top notch and every request or demand that we bring up has always been met with a positive attitude. Thank you!

    Guido Juliano,
    Mars Media Group, July, 2014
  • I really like working with Svetlana and Oleg from Fidelity as they are both very knowledgeable.
    Fidelity are key partners for Rubicon Project in the Russian market and have been a great source of information about the local market as well as a consistent buyer of RU premium traffic on REVV, Rubicon's real time trading platform.

    Julian Savitch-Lee,
    the Rubicon Project, May, 2012
  • I can describe Fidelity Media as a very professional company and provides clean advertisement for my website.

    Daniel Dang,
    Firststoptv.com, February, 2012
  • Ever since we began advertising with Fidelity Media we have been experiencing positive effects of this company. We have received a huge amount of quality traffic and as a big plus they give us support every time we need.
    Despite the fact that we have specific targeting criteria (Mac users only) they set up a custom MacOs filter for us. So I can say for sure that Fidelity Media is one of our respectful paying networks. And I think it says a lot!

    Maria Zaborova,
    ZeoBit LLC., February, 2012
  • Fidelity has been a charm to work with. Their team is very responsive and has helped us immensely by managing the complexity of our remnant strategy.

    Graphite Designs,
    Inc, January, 2012
  • We have been working with Fidelity Media for over 12 months now, across multiple advertising formats. We find their efficient and friendly manner has allowed us to secure regular business from our clients and consistent results for our advertisers.

    Nicole Holstmark,
    Eyeconomy Ltd., February, 2009
  • Fidelity Media is a company that understands that courtesy is no extra charge. They are not a leave em and write a check at the end of the month company.
    They understand that online advertising is constantly lowing and changing and are willing and able to make the necessary adjustments to ensure maximum CPM for my company.

    Jacob Morris,
    Commercial Road Media, February, 2009

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