Targeting Optimization

Whether you are looking to launch a large online advertising campaign, or just want to test a campaign on alternative sites in your niche, Fidelity Media is able to offer an optimal solution for you! We provide advertisers with display ad targeting by Country, Region/State, City, DMA&Zip code, Category, Keyword, Cookie and OS/Browser.

We offer successful optimization of advertising campaigns including CPM and CPC, providing custom-tailored site-specific placements and broad run-of-network reach.

We are focused on targeted advertising coverage, optimized results and serving with the highest transparency. With a supplementary URL-filter we are able to control on which websites the ads appear. With help of “Click Forensics score” feature, we control CPM traffic quality as well as avoid fraudulent and accidental clicks for CPC based campaigns. Moreover, we can provide an advertiser with sub ID parameter that allows to see what traffic source performs better for the product.


We use a standalone third party ad-serving solution providing the industry's most accurate and reliable geo-location services as well as IP Intelligence to allow advanced audience segmentation capabilities. Precise geo-targeting option allows to aim advertising campaigns at specific audiences at any country of the world.

Channel Targeting

Our publishers' websites are arranged by interests of their target audiences to make it easier to promote brand services and products on the family-friendly content. Please see below a brief description of Fidelity Media's categories of sites.

Channel of InterestMale-female RatioAge Range (years old)Users Number
(monthly average )
Auto59% male
41% female
18-521.5 MFocus on autos, motorcycles, trucks, watercraft, aircraft (purchase, maintenance, discussion and customization). Content: automotive industry news, cars review, auto accessories, motor racing, car pictures.
Business64% male
36% female
35-49 1.2 MTarget people involved in stock trading, online banking services, trading exchanges, investment projects, business analytics and strategies. Content: business and financial news, resources, and advice for the individual investor, the entrepreneur, or the corporate executive.
Education48% male
52% female
18-342.5 MWebsites of schools, learning centers, universities, and trade schools; websites that promote and discuss materials and information that aid in teaching, cognitive resources. Target audience: students, professionals interested in educational issues.
Entertainment 41% male
59% female
18-3417 MOver 200 websites focus on television, movie, TV shows, celebrity news, gossip and humour properties such as funny and lol pictures, comics, anime, comedy and parodies.
Games61% male
39% female
15-349.5 M Focus on online games, video and electronic games, cheat codes sites and games download sites: action games, addicting games, board games, puzzle games, skill games, time management games and others, and offering game guides and hints.
Society and Lifestyle45% male
55% female
20-295.3 MFocus on fashion, lifestyle, health and fitness, women and men, family, kids, shopping, social opinion, animals/pets, housing and gardening, subcultures, hobby and interests, leisure, cooking, food and drinks.
Web service55% male
45% female
20-497.9 MFocus on making user's time online most efficient (e-mail, search engine, file hosting, proxy service or messager tools).
Technology 64% male
36% female
25-49 4.6 M Target tech consumers, planners and shoppers of computer, laptop, mobile or electronics like audio equipment, TVs, digital cameras, video games and more. Content: tech discussions, reviews, news on computers, gadgets, science, space, engineering, vehicles, technological devices, and general technology.
Sports 60% male
40% female
20-453 MContent: Sport video, Sports games, Sport betting, Sport competitions review and Sport News.
Travel49% male
51% female
18-343.2 MFocus on offering destination and accommodations guides, planning and purchasing business or personal trips, travel tickets and reservations (travel clubs, travelogues, visitor information bureaus, travel promotions, destination and hotel reviews, online travel agencies, cruise lines, car rentals).

Mobile Targeting Options

Fidelity Media is able to accuratly target mobile campaigns to specific audiences by mobile device, operating system, channel (user-interest targeting) and geo-location.

We appreciate and value each our customer! So if you have any further questions or need more details regarding Fidelity Media's targeting options, please contact us — we'll help you.