fmxSSP: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

2017 New Year  Frame with green pine, colorful baubles, knots with berries,stars and other seasonal stuff over an old wooden aged background
May 2017 be filled with achievements, record highs, success and bring you thousands of new opportunities.Looking back, the year 2016 has been very fruitful for Fidelity Media and its supply partners. In coming 2017 year we will continue to work hard, implementing new advertising solutions and platform's services:

— New DSP partners.
— Header Bidding support.
— Plenty of new smaller improvements.

We are very grateful to our publishers, advertisers and partners for their close cooperation, enthusiasm, continued support and confidence. Please, accept our warmest wishes together with NY gifts — Header Bidding Adapter is available for all our supply partners right now!

Have a wonderful Holiday Season and a very Happy New Year!

Fidelity Media Holiday Schedule

Please note our schedule for this holiday season.

December 24th and 25th — office is closed.
December 26th till 28th — normal working hours.
December 29th till January 8th — office is closed.
January billing circle is delayed for one week and starts from January 9th.

You'll be able to reach out to stuff-on-duty with urgent request by email or alternatively you may leave a message in the chat in your reporting interface.

Best regards,
Fidelity Media Team

fmx SSP: know your traffic!

Knowing and understanding your audience is crucial to any publisher's success.
In our updated user interface we have added the tools for you to analyze what traffic is performing best on our platform.
Our detailed reports provide all the important metrics and dimensions, giving the power of data to your hands.
Using it you can easily see which size, geos or devices are providing the most revenue and adjust your supply accordingly. Should you have any questions or help how to optimize your account please don't hesitate to contact our publishers support team.

This month fmx SSP runs more than 700 ad campaigns.
The top demanded markets showing fill rate 40% and higher in October 2016 are:

Please be aware we strictly monitor each website performance. To avoid any violation just look through Terms&Conditions that you accepted while signing up carefully.
If your website has been declined by any reason, your Fidelity Media account still remains active. You may use it for participation in our Referral Program OR/AND you may submit more websites in your account. New websites will be promptly reviewed and you will start monetizing your inventory through Fidelity Media immediately.
Feel free to direct any questions or comments to or

Your Fidelity Media Team!

«Summer Bonus» program announced by fmx SSP (Fidelity Media) in June has been successfully completed

More than 100 of our partners took participation in the Program, demonstrated great inventory growth and were awarded with 5 & 15 % Bonuses to their monthly revenues.
We at Fidelity Media say «Thank you!» to all of you that responded to our bonus proposal.

You will receive your bonuses in the corresponding payment cycles.

We encourage all our valued publishers to take part in our bonus programs to increase their revenues and make our cooperation more profitable. Stay tuned! We will keep you informed about when the next one is scheduled.

If you have any questions about Program, please feel free to contact us at

Note that you still easily can increase your traffic and thus revenue even with your current user engagement — add 300×600 format to your current supply! The format is highly demanded by RTB retargeters and will give you steady rates.

Request your tag for in-page 300×600 via your Dashboard here.

New publishers are welcomed to join Fidelity Media and register here!

Get Summer Bonus!

With hot summer start Fidelity Media announces Summer Bonus Program for publishers!

Program will:

— connect to additional buyers — volumes increase will open your potential for existing and new buyers,
— increase your revenues from buyers' top countries,
— definitely result in more beneficial cooperation between performing publishers and Fidelity Media.

We announce +5% bonus to June-July, 2016 Revenues for Publishers, who show 15% and up growth in traffic from demanded countries for corresponding month.

We announce +15% bonus to June-July, 2016 Revenues for Publishers, who show 30% and up growth in traffic from demanded countries for corresponding month.

Please see the list of demanded countries below for desktop traffic:

  • United States [US]
  • Switzerland [CH]
  • Denmark [DK]
  • Norway [NO]
  • India [IN]
  • Austria [AT]
  • United Kingdom [UK]
  • Germany [DE]
  • Sweden [SE]
  • Finland [FI]
  • Spain [ES]
  • Belgium [BE]

Please see the list of demanded countries below for mobile web iOS and Android traffic:

  • Switzerland [CH]
  • Austria [AT]
  • United Kingdom [UK]
  • Germany [DE]
  • Sweden [SE]
  • United States [US]
  • Italy [IT]
  • Australia [AU]
  • France [FR]

The program is active till the end of July, 2016. June and July revenues will be paid out in the corresponding payment circles. New publishers with zero base for comparison (on-boarded in June) will take part in July evaluation. New publishers on-boarded in July will take part in further programs.

Just start sending more traffic from demanded countries!

You can increase your impressions volumes by adding our new floating banner format to your currently running tags. To discover the floating ad codes go to “Sites”>”Manage tags” in your dashboard and choose the floating tag from the list of available formats. If you can't find the floating ad codes please contact your personal manager or our publishers support at or via chat on our website.

Dear publishers, you are welcomed to participate!

If you have any questions about the Summer Bonus Program, please contact us at

New publishers are welcomed to join Fidelity Media and register here!

Fidelity Media: New Features in Your User Interface

These days we have been performing update of the User Interface in your Fidelity Media publisher account.
Updated Dashboard is easier to navigate. More detailed reporting has been added as well.
However, during the update some bugs are possible. If you caught one, please contact us via in-site chat or send bug report to
Your feedback is very important for us.
Also, please take this opportunity to check and update your contact and payment details if needed. E-mail address and PayPal ID should be confirmed, payment and contact details should be approved by us so you'll be able to receive payouts automatically during each payment circle.
The adserving, statistics records and billing process were not affected by the update and continue to operate in regular manner.
We work hard on new features and will be happy to introduce them soon!
Looking forward to your feedback.

Fidelity Media team.

FM: New Website Quality Check Tool Implemented

The issue of Fraudulent traffic is one of the biggest in Online Advertising, and continues to increase. To withstand such activities Fidelity Media has recently partnered with Distill Networks and implemented Website Quality Check tool.

This tool is being used by our audit team as additional check point to the supply we provide our demand partners with.

Thus we would kindly ask you to pay attention to the quality of inventory you deliver.

We believe in your supply and aim to provide you with the best demand both direct and RTB clients which is possible for clear and organic traffic only.

We trust that such measures will help to increase your fill rates and overall eCPMs.

New Ad formats available

We are happy to announce that there are 3 new ad formats available for our publishers.

Introducing floating ads. A better way to show display banners.

Floating banners appear over the web page and stay visible when the user scrolls the page down.

Floating ads have much higher CTR and CPM rates and at the same time they wouldn’t disturb your visitors as they can be easily dismissed.

We encourage you to try one or all 3 of our floating banners (click for preview):

728×90 — bottom center (aka Catfish banner),

160×600 — middle side (aka Sticky Sidebar),

300×250 — bottom corner.