Dec 8, 2011 in News
Fidelity Media's Accounting Department has to report about AlertPay payments delay due to continuous tech issues and unstable work of this payment system. Read More
Nov 9, 2011 in News
A new reporting interface for advertisers has been recently released. The console features enhanced reporting capabilities providing network advertisers with daily updated information on current ad campaigns. Read More
Oct 25, 2011 in News
Econsultancy, the leading provider of online marketing analytics, have carried out the second Global Research on trends in digital advertising industry. Previous one was conducted in 2009. Coupled with the Rubicon Project and supported by the IAB UK, IAB France, IAB Europe and AOP, the research is based on a polling of more than a thousand online advertising experts held in August and September 2011. Read More
Oct 20, 2011 in News
Fidelity Media – one of the leading Traffic Publisher Networks – announces about Floor Rate Increase by % 20. The traffic team have tracked recent advertising campaigns within the network. Due to the good results Fidelity Media team is happy to announce that the floor rate is set as $0.12 CPM on average. Read More
Aug 12, 2011 in News
Fidelity Media, the Brand Safe Ad Network, is pleased to announce the launch of its own independent self serve advertising platform Read More
Jul 15, 2011 in News
We would like to kindly inform you that our regular publisher's payment audit has recently conducted. Any payment unclaimed within 6 months is deemed a write-off. It is our earnest request to all publishers to provide us with applicable payment details in sufficient time. Read More
Apr 15, 2011 in News
We are happy to share a good news regarding important modification at Fidelity Media ad serving solution. It concerns an Exchange Media Program (EMP) launched in the beginning of April by our ad serving provider AdJuggler, Inc. Read More