Fidelity Media Wishes You a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

As the Festive Season comes, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
May 2016 be filled with achievements, record highs, success and bring you thousands of new opportunities.

Looking back, the year 2015 has been very fruitful for Fidelity Media and its supply partners. In coming 2016 year we will continue to work hard, implementing new advertising solutions and paltform's services.

We are very grateful to our publishers, advertisers and partners for their close cooperation, enthusiasm, continued support and confidence.

Please, accept our warmest wishes of good health, happiness and well-being! Have a wonderful Holiday Season and a very Happy New Year!


Fidelity Media: New Year's Bonus Program launched

In a happy ending to 2015 and the eve of the New Year Fidelity Media announces Bonus Program for its valued publishers!

The program is aimed to increase your revenues for the traffic from demanded countries that will definitely result in more beneficial cooperation between publishers and Fidelity Media.

We announce +5% bonus to December Revenues for Publishers, who show 10% growth in traffic from demanded countries.

We announce +15% bonus to December Revenues for Publishers, who show 30% growth in traffic from demanded countries.

Please see the list of demanded countries below for desktop traffic:
Australia [AU]
Nigeria [NG]
Canada [CA]
Austria [AT]
United Kingdom [UK]
Netherlands [NL]
United States [US]
Germany [DE]

Please see the list of demanded countries below for mobile iOS and Android traffic:
Australia [AU]
Nigeria [NG]
Canada [CA]
United Kingdom [UK]
France [FR]
United States [US]
India [IN]
China [CN]

The program is active till the end of December. December revenues will be paid out in the corresponding payment circle.

All publishers are welcomed to participate and increase their New Year's revenues!

If you have any questions about the New Year's Bonus Program, please contact us at

New publishers are welcomed to join Fidelity Media and register here!

FM: Q4 Inventory in Demand

FM: Q4 Inventory in Demand
As Q4 high season comes, don't miss Fidelity Media's updates on the most demanded inventory during the quarter. Following the news will help to be informed and get higher revenues.
There are more than 500 ad campaigns been running and 150+ in a queue to be launched in the coming days. Top performing markets are: US, UK, Europe, Asia for display, mobile and popunder inventory.
Please check the chart below showing budgets and traffic spread:

Geos Oct 2015

Working jointly with brand safe advertising networks like Fidelity Media, publishers get an access to new ad campaigns for leading brands and monetize their inventory by an easy and efficient way.

CPM and fill rate growth – shows stable up trend:

October growth 2015_1

Performing ad formats are:
— Banner web inventory: 300×250, 728×90, 160×600.
— Popunder inventory.
— Mobile Web/Apps inventory: 320×50, 300×50, 300×250, 728×90, 160×600.
Please be aware we strictly monitor each website performance. To avoid any violation just look through Terms&Conditions that you accepted while signing up carefully.
If your website has been declined by any reason, your Fidelity Media account still remains active. You may use it for participation in our Referral Program OR/AND you may submit more websites in your account. New websites will be promptly reviewed and you will start monetizing your inventory through Fidelity Media immediately.

Feel free to direct any questions or comments to or

Your Fidelity Media Team!

Pop — traffic demand

Fidelity Media is constantly improving and pushing the limits. For the moment we are getting amazing results for Pop-under campaigns, but for the next GEOs: US, AU, CA, CH, IT, BR unfilled demand especially. Please sign up Fidelity Media or contact us directly via to get your tags and try it out .

How to Increase eCPM with Fidelity Media

Fidelity Media regularly conducts network's websites activity audit in order to optimize publisher's revenues. Apart from the traffic volumes on your side, there are other factors affecting your revenues growth. Please take into account some tips below.

5 Blog Interaction Tools to Drive More Traffic

Web blog's publishers have been increasingly joining Fidelity Media ad network lately, and today we would like to apply to some useful blog managing tips. Apart from creating more content and improving SEO, there are some easy to implement interaction tools to boost blog traffic and keep it up with the trends.

Traffic Demand Overview. January 2015

We continue to inform you about achievements and future plans to open new opportunities and make our cooperation more successful and reliable.