Sep 27, 2017 in News
On September 2017, the portal has published Getintent’s research on header bidding implementation among Alexa Top 1,000 websites. Research shows that 36% of those who implemented Header Bidding solution used Prebid.js where Fidelity Media is one of contributors and it’s adapter is freely available… Read More
May 25, 2017 in News
fmxSSP is happy to announce launch of the New Referral Program for its Publishers. New terms designed to bring more value for both Partners and new Publishers. From now on as a Referrer you receive a lifetime commission from referred publishers while new publishers have more incentive to… Read More
Mar 23, 2017 in News
Header Bidding is a new technology that the whole Digital Ad Industry been buzzing about lately. You probably heard about it too. However, as recent studies show Header Bidding is used mostly on top ranked websites while smaller publishers have very vague knowledge on the subject… Read More
Mar 23, 2017 in News
1. Choose your bidders You will need to decide what SSPs (Ad networks) will be competing for your ad spots. You will need an active account in the SSP that has a prebid.js adapter in order to send requests there. You can find the list of networks… Read More
Dec 23, 2016 in News
May 2017 be filled with achievements, record highs, success and bring you thousands of new opportunities.Looking back, the year 2016 has been very fruitful for Fidelity Media and its supply partners. In coming 2017 year we will continue to work hard, implementing new advertising solutions and platform’s services:… Read More
Oct 12, 2016 in News
Knowing and understanding your audience is crucial to any publisher’s success. In our updated user interface we have added the tools for you to analyze what traffic is performing best on our platform. Our detailed reports provide all the important metrics and dimensions, giving the… Read More
Aug 5, 2016 in News
More than 100 of our partners took participation in the Program, demonstrated great inventory growth and were awarded with 5 & 15 % Bonuses to their monthly revenues. We at Fidelity Media say “Thank you!” to all of you that responded to our bonus proposal. You will receive your… Read More
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