Jan 23, 2014 in News
Starting from January 2014, we invite you to successfully monetize mobile optimized websites and mobile applications. For the moment we work with the most popular mobile display format – 320x50 px. ad banners. Read More
Jan 17, 2014 in News
Think you can serve more or have new sites to be added to you account? Perfect! Read More
Dec 23, 2013 in News
Please note that we will have a reduced number of employees during the period between 28th of December 2013 and till 8th of January 2014. Read More
Dec 20, 2013 in News
Fidelity Media wishes you a year of professional and personal accomplishments, health and prosperity! Read More
Dec 13, 2013 in News
Today we're answering frequently asked questions about publishers' payment process. Read More
Dec 6, 2013 in News
In the happy end of 2013 and in the New Year's Eve, Fidelity Media announces Bonus Program for our valued publishers. Read More
Nov 22, 2013 in News
This month Fidelity Media has been running more than 300 various ad campaigns, including mobile, in Direct and RTB rotation. The most demanded countries are: US, AU, CA , UK, DE, NO and other European countries. We see the significant growth in demand for RU, BR, SG, SA. Read More
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