Jul 22, 2014 in News
Fidelity Media takes care about its publishers' malware protection and business reputation and wanted to warn you from spreading malicious software. Read More
Jul 15, 2014 in News
It's easy to start getting additional revenue with Fidelity Media's Referral Program. Just add a referral link or referral banner to your website and direct users to sign up with brand safe ad network. Read More
Jul 8, 2014 in News
Before submitting your website to Fidelity Media network, please make sure that all ad units appear correctly and comply with our guidelines. While reviewing new websites our managers often face a problem of excessive number of banners located on one page, overlapping or placing majority of ads at the top or bottom of the website's page. Read More
Jul 1, 2014 in News
Fidelity Media is proud to announce its 7th Anniversary! During this time our company has held over 15 000 campaigns, built a publishers net of nearly 5 000 persons worldwide and increased its revenues in several times. Read More
Jun 24, 2014 in News
Fidelity Media is pleased to introduce you last developments and future plans to make our cooperation more successful and reliable. Read More
Jun 17, 2014 in News
A problem of a botnet-generated traffic remains topical despite of security technologies developments. Read More
Jun 10, 2014 in News
Fidelity Media's publishers have a great opportunity to increase their ad revenue via mobile SDK (software development kit). Ad platform and Android/iOS apps integration allows developers successfully monetize their mobile applications. Read More
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