Mobile Ads

In order to place ad banners on your mobile webpages, you may use mobile ad tags.

Ads for Mobile Website

To successfully monetize mobile web traffic and indirectly increase your ad inventory fill rate, you are able to use our Mobile Tag option. Fidelity Media's publishers can find mobile ad tags, specially generated for mobile friendly versions of their sites, in their UI or get them upon request to Publishers' Team.

Even if your website isn't mobile optimized and hasn't mobile version, you can benefit from monetizing mobile web traffic via Fidelity Media's Promo Size ad tags.

Mobile Banner Formats

320×50 px. and 300×50 px. mobile banner formats are available. More specifications on banner ads can be found on our Mobile Ad Guidelines page.

Don't stay away from setting up mobile tags on your site, even if it doesn't support smaller screen sizes! You are welcome to integrate mobile ad codes 300×50 px. and 320×50 px. together with standard 728×90 px. and 468×60 px. Promo Size tags are available upon request to Publishers' Team or to account manager.

Revenue Tracking

Your earnings will be displayed automatically in your UI. The revenue tracking option allows you to control and manage your useful mobile inventory. Find out how you can track statistics of impressions, eCPM and revenue on the Publisher FAQs page.

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User's manual, troubleshoot and mobile SDKs are available on the AppNexus official site and GitHub.

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