Partnership with Fidelity Media

In general, two styles of cooperation are available for networks:

through site specific ad codes,
through ad codes with Referrer URL place holder.

We offer to start with testing of several kinds of ad codes to find the best suitable one for both sides. Within several days of testing we'll choose the best options for both sides and start «normal» operations after that.

Personal manager will assist you in finding the most appropriate room for cooperation, fulfilling registration process, creating placements, uploading your whitelist and creating your account.

Site Specific Ad Codes

We always recommend our partnering networks utilize this option as it shows greater performance and fill rates due to it's transparency and higher trustworthy for potential buyers.

We provide our partner with separate set of tags for each domain. Site specific statistics is being gathered.

Ad Codes with Referrer URL

We are OK to serve your inventory through a single set of tags so you do not need to upload separate creative for each and every website or page. By using «Ref URL» option you'll be able to maintain acceptable transparency level in terms of media selling to a network as well as transfer displaying page URL to buyers programmatically.

In a case of necessity Fidelity Media could hide your site names from programmatic buyers by applying custom visibility profile on a buyer-by-buyer or site-by-site basis.


Since transparency is one of our main priorities, we ask our partnering networks of sites to provide us with full transparency of URLs delivering impressions. The whitelists of domains should be audited by our publishers team even if site names will not be disclosed later to programmatic buyers. We need this to ensure traffic quality and brand safety.


Partnering network of sites should apply Fidelity Media's lists of blacklisted domains and carefully monitor the service to ensure, that no restricted domain appears in the inventory waterfall. Blacklist includes a variety of domains which were recognized as involved into malvertising issues or other, similar by nature, facts. In most occasions, such domains may appear in passback tags provided by partners.

Banner Formats

The following display banner formats (WxH in pixels) are available:


To see complete banner formats list, please visit our Display Ad Guidelines page.

We provide the following mobile banner formats (WxH in pixels):


More specifications on banner ads can be found on our Mobile Ad Guidelines page.

Our Services

Among others we provide our heavy inventory suppliers with such services as:

dedicated account manager,
detailed reports as per suppliers' request,
special payment and revenue share terms,
bidfloor and passback codes implementation,

We invite networks to contact us for special terms.

How to start?

Please submit your domains from the submission form.

You may contact our Publishers' Team directly by email or form below, specifically noting that you are a network and how do you wish to cooperate with us.