Referral Program Terms

Fidelity Media Ad Network invites publishers and websites developers to long-term mutually beneficial cooperation. Please review terms and conditions of our Referral and Loyalty Program below.


You can earn additional money by directing website owners to sign up with Fidelity Media Ad Network. With each active new referral you are getting additional $5 to your account. To opt-in, please use your referral link.

It doesn’t take much time to generate your referral link or get a banner code. You should log in to your personal account and go to the referral program’s section.

Referral Link Example

Our partner’s referral link looks as follows: ID

You can choose referral banner size and colour that match your website design best. To attract more referrals and increase your revenue, we recommend placing the referral banner on priority space on your website.

Your referral link and banners may be placed in your emails or forum postings as well. First clicked unique referral ID will be assigned to each new publisher-referral.

Referral’s Statuses

All referred publishers might have one of following statuses:

  • Pending — referral’s site(s) added into the system and waiting for the review.
  • Approved — referral’s site(s) has been approved. We will credit your account with additional $5 upon completion of the rest of conditions.
  • Declined — all referral’s site(s) being reviewed and declined.


Publisher becomes payable under the following conditions:

  • Publisher’s site(s) were approved by Fidelity Media’s stuff.
  • Publisher stays active with the our ad network for 30 days minimum. Therefore 30 days is the minimum pending time for any payout for referred publishers.
  • Publisher delivers at least 10 000 banner impressions for the period of it’s activity.

Final Provisions

  • Each new publisher-referral might be associated with one referee only.
  • First clicked referral ID will be assigned to each new publisher-referral.
  • Referral earnings will be paid out together with other publisher earnings during normal billng circle. Information about payouts and approved referrals is available in your reporting interface.
  • You may use your referral link on your website, in your emails or forum postings.
  • Terms can be changed at any time by Fidelity Media Ad Network in its sole and absolute discretion.

If you have any questions regarding participation in Referral and Loyalty Program, please feel free to contact us.