Supply side platform that helps to grab Digital Ad Dollars.
Online Publishers of all shapes and sizes are invited.
Independent programmatic platform and serving infrastructure. No extra cost for 3rd party adserving fees.
Pure real time bidding exchange smartly combines RTB and direct demand within global auction. Publisher gets highest bid.
Cross screen monetization: Display, Mobile Web. Variety of channels: standard desktop and floating banners, mobile web banners, native templates, pop-ups/unders.
Data safety and automatic synchronization with major DSPs to ensure fill rates 30% and up.
Team of digital sales and customer support professionals. More than 30 years of combined digital experience.
On-time payments. Variety of payment options. Loyalty and bonus programs. Options to grab extra revenues.
eCPM growth! NO 100% fill rate. You set a floor rate, we optimize sales for better revenue. All undersold goes to your next external buyer (optionally, set it yourself).
Here you get maximum revenue and fill rate at acceptable CPM. You can play with floor rate and explore demand revealing how much of your inventory customers are ready to fill.
We cooperate with major DSPs and direct Digital Ad Buyers. Each bid goes to general RTB auction where impression is sold at highest available price. Among our trusted partners:
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