Mar 21, 2014 in News
Please be aware of the most important features provided by Fidelity Media publisher's interface. Working in your interface you can download ad tags for your website, track billing information, edit payment and contact information, upload passback tags. Read More
Nov 15, 2013 in News
By joining our Referral Program you get a chance to earn additional $5 for each referral. Your referral should be approved and active. The number of attracted ones is unlimited. Even if one of your sites was declined you still can earn money from new referrals. Read More
Nov 8, 2013 in News
When you register as a new publisher at Fidelity Media advertising network, it's important to fill in the registration form properly. Please make sure, you provide correct phone number, contact email and address. It's really important not only to constantly stay in touch with your account manager, but for billing purposes as well. Our Finance Team is not able to process payments, unless all required information is provided. Read More